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Does your small business work as projected?

  • You just started your business but already feel a burnout.

  • You see signs that you might have lost income opportunities.

  • You are overwhelmed with spreadsheets complexity.

  • You have simply no time for strategy development.

These problems distract from developing your best offer.

Good news that we can teach you how to handle them on coaching sessions!

Scale & Grow

We teach how to use modern warfare of B2B growth:  data analysis and online automatization.

Manage sales

We use strategy consulting experience to find out how does your personality affect sales process.


We find out what is the reason behind chaos in business process and continuously fix it.

How does individual session work?

Individual coaching is a 6-week process, that includes 4 x 1 hour Zoom call sessions plus free kick-off session.

Our aim is to support the transformation of your business:

  • Assessment of entrepreneur liabilities

  • Communication science behind building partnerships

  • Health check of your online presence

  • Development of the growth strategy for 2021

We can also help with other business problems

In many cases you need assistance not only with one side of business. We invite you to check out all of our services. We are also ready to provide a discount if you order services in a bundle!


Corporate videos, white papers, pitch decks, case studies and dashboards - our business content is visually aesthetic and analytical

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