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Have you already faced these problems regarding business financing?

"It takes forever to finish the financial part for my business plan. Could you please take a look?"

"My pitch deck has great numbers but nobody replies my application emails. What is wrong with these investors? "

"My pre-seed startup wants German funding but we are not ready to move the whole production to Germany. Is there a solution?"

We can find a way to finance your business:

Startup Landing Express

Get your startup enlisted and open to public on minimum 15 investor-startup meeting platforms.

Venture Capital Scouting

We apply for venture capital funding offers for you.

Top 100 Investors

List of most prominent startup investors and business angels investing into German market in your field.

P2P Loan for Business Start

In urgent need of financial resources we assist you to get initial financing through our network of bank partners

Get KFW Financing

Business plan adjusted for the needs of KFW financing (100,000, 250,000 and over 500,000 EUR) and KFW application project management

Application Assistance

We assist in finding individual grant solutions, preparing a document set and further application

Special Offer: Business Plan and turn-key Pitch Deck

Don't pay twice! Special price offer for both pitch deck and business plan production.

Watch our business

financing proposal

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Do we bring a real value?

  1. Consultation on platform types, benefits of registration, calculating the budget if paid options are selected

  2. Creation of company's profiles  on platforms associated with investors search

  3. Fullfilment of the profiles with data most relevant for investors 

  • Not included: fees for external services subscriptions (free options are available), business plan and corporate video production

  1. Consultation on risks, benefits and strategy on applying for P2P funding

  2. Research on P2P platforms and online banks, forward their offers to the Client

  3. Platform selection

  4. Application submission on Client's behalf

  1. Search on public and private grants offerings in your industry

  2. Consultation on grant goal, presentation of the program, program selection, milestones planning and budget plan identification

  3. Preparation of document set for the application

  4. Application to grant-giving organisations on Client's behalf

  5. Not included: application fees from external organisations if they imply

  1. Continuous consultation on the business goals, service planning, strategy and development of KfW application milestones

  2. Basic business concept(8-10 pages) development: key data, business idea, market competition, marketing

  3. Calculation(8-10 pages) development: revenue and cost planning, capital service, viability plan

  4. Exhibits(5-10 pages) development: monthly liquidity planning, revenue planning

  5. Decision assistance on certain KfW program(3 programs available)

  6. Peer-reviewed audit of prepared business plan

  7. Connection to the right financial partner

  8. Application submission on Client's behalf

  9. Pitch deck design based on business plan is included

  1. Development of a template email together with the Client

  2. Mailing of Investment offer through the individually prepared list of investors

  3. Mailing of follow-ups in case of no-reply

  4. Calls arrangement between Client and VC Analyst

  5. Negotiation process support

  6. Weekly report of sent, answered, follow-up emails number

  1. Continuous consultation on the business goals, service planning, strategy and development milestones

  2. Basic business concept, calculation and exhibits development

  3. Peer-reviewed audit of prepared business plan

  4. Pitch deck based on business plan

  5. Preliminary market estimation

  6. Up to 20 slides multi-purpose pitch deck presentation

  7. Exclusive pitch deck design

  8. Stok images an license free icons

  9. Three revisions of pitch deck with the Client, internal peer-review

  • Not included: preparation of photo and video materials for presentation, tax and legal advisory

  1. Consultation on certain industry classification

  2. List generation based on Client's industry

  3. Search execution conducted on limited access databases

  4. Inactive investors pre-filter

  5. Development of spreadsheet with more than 100 business angels/pre-seed private equity investors

  6. Spreadsheet includes organization name, investment range, headquarters, investment stages, field and specialisation of investors, contact email, contact phones

We can also help with other business problems

In many cases you need assistance not only with one side of business. We invite you to check out all of our services. We are also ready to provide a discount if you order services in a bundle!


Our marketing experts prototype your digital strategy and guide the process of website development and search engine optimisation(SEO)

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