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Do you already have specific questions about business launch in Berlin?

"The prime office rent in Berlin increased by 10% between 2020 and 2022. Given this tight supply, is it still possible to find available office space?"

"I require numerous individuals to launch my business. Is there a way to reduce the hassle of coordination and accomplish everything in one day?"

"I've drafted my Data Protection Policy and Legal Notice pages myself. Does this adequately protect my startup from legal challenges?"


Steps to open your business in Berlin together with us

Company registration

in Berlin-Brandenburg 

Company registration assistance, e.g. UG (haftungsbeschränkt) or GmbH through our network of business partners

Real Estate PM

Get your workplace ready in Berlin-Brandenburg or get a virtual office here for registration of your business

Startup Landing

We create and fill up your profiles on German websites - useful for HR, Marketing and Finance purposes

Data Protection

Providing Initial Compliance with GDPR for your startup

Watch our business

relocation proposal

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Do we bring a real value?

  1. Explicit consultation on business registration and phone support

  2. Checklist: "Start your Business in Berlin"

  3. Personalized guidelines:"Business Registration" and "Chamber of Commerce Registry"

  4. Referral and appointment coordination with all the agents involved into business registration

  5. Templates of contracts and documents required for organization start and HR purposes

  6. Preparation of opening bank account

  7. Brand Name check with IHK/HWK

  • Optional: free insurance check, free meineSchufa Premium for one month

  • Not included: costs for notary, lawyer and commercial register ("Handelregister") 

  1. Technical, marketing and juridical due diligence

  2. Concept development based on Client's perspective, identifying milestones and budget

  3. Collection of price offers from demanded construction work companies

  4. Connection to interior design agency and all required renovation services, e.g. carpenters, wall painters, buiders

  5. Email appointments on Client's behalf and possible accompanying

  6. Management of follow-up emails and correspondence

  1. Consultation on platform types, benefits of registration, calculating the budget if paid options are selected

  2. Creation of company's profiles on German and International platforms associated with investors search

  3. Fullfilment of the profiles with data most relevant for investors 

  • Not included: fees for external services subscriptions (free options are available=, business plan and corporate video production

  1. Consultation on GDPR goals for a company

  2. checklist: "GPDR Features"

  3. Two hours team education about the responsibilities of Internal Data Protection Officer and Data Protection Law

  4. Workshop  "How to create a Record of Processing Activities based on Art.30 DSGVO" with 4 controlling sessions

  5. Cookie Consent Development

  6. Privacy Policy basic Development

  7. Data Protection Information offline/online

  8. Data Processing Agreement template development

  9. Compliance of Marketing, Organizational and HR activities, e.g. data protection for employment contracts

  10. Data Protection Impact Assessment

We can also help with other business challenges

In many cases you probably need assistance not only on one side of your business. We invite you to check out all of our services. We are also ready to provide a discount if you order services in a bundle!


Our company creates investment materials and applies on your behalf for available funding opportunities in Germany and in the EU

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